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Pricing Transparency

Everything you need to know before choosing your Mobility Solution

Mobility Homecare Solutions are committed to
transparency and honesty...

…when it comes down to prices of our mobility furniture we always show prices on our website or give you them on the phone.

We highly recommend that you call us on 0800 072 4120 to discuss your requirements for some of our more specialist products.

If you know the price, or guide price, of your Bed or Chair up front, you will also know that any assessment visit will be 100% aimed at assessing your needs and providing a solution rather than just selling you an inflated priced product.

All our staff are salary paid and do not financially benefit, in anyway, from any sale that is made. It would be fair to say that the only reward we receive is in the knowledge that we have solved your problem.

MHS also offer a 14 day no-quibble returns policy regardless of “Bespoke” or “Stock Items” and also belong to the BHTA (British Healthcare Trades Association) therefore we abide by the Trading Standards approved Code of Conduct!we

However, Beware...

There are many unscrupulous mobility furniture companies out there who do not publish prices on their web sites or advertising and almost insist you call for a brochure or demonstration rather than discuss prices. 

Even during the phone conversation, they refuse to give prices. At best they may give you a starting price much lower than the actual monies they are looking to take from you, often in excess of £6000 for a standard piece of mobility furniture.

You may be told that it would be unfair...

to give you prices before your home visit due to the “endless options” available. You may be told that because there are so many options, you must have a home visit as it simply is not possible to give accurate pricing or starting from prices before this home visit. 

Whatever it the excuse, in our opinion, it is simply a ploy to persuade you to agree to a home visit by one of their self-employed, commission based, medically unqualified, Direct Salespeople often entitled “Senior Demonstrators”. 

Some of these companies have been featured on BBC Rogue Traders! We would also advise you to check Trustpilot reviews of any company you are considering contacting.

The Consumer Rights Act...

Some of these mobility furniture businesses also hide behind The Consumer Rights Acts 2015 regarding “Bespoke” or “Custom Made” beds and chairs. You have no rights to cancel after signing your order and may have given these businesses large deposits. Some of our customers have told us that they have lost in excess of £7,000 to these companies after unfortunately signing up to a contract to purchase a bed or chair. 

We have also been told stories of having to sue for their payments to be returned, some have won their case only to have had their refund cheque bounce! 

If you feel that the above has or may happen to you then please contact us immediately. We may be able to help you!

  • Beware: Price avoidance!
  • Beware: Return and refund policies that exclude “Custom-made” or “Bespoke”products!
  • Beware: High pressure sales tactics!
  • Beware: “Preditory Pricing” or “Price Conditioning”. A tactic of artificially inflating prices in order to drop prices to “close” a deal. Regularly used in “Direct Sales” practises.
  • Beware: Companies that do not belong to the BHTA and therefore are not abiding to their Trading Standards Institute approved Code of Conduct!

Be Aware and Safe

Some of our adjustable beds and chairs are truly bespoke and can be adapted to suit most needs and requirements. Please visit our dedicated pages of our Adjustable Beds and Rise and Recline Chairs or go to our Mobility Aids online shop. For more information, contact us below!

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